It can’t clean if the cleaner is dirty

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  1. Munerah says:

    Hello Miracle Man, :)

    i loved the miracles you have done to these printers, i have an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 which was refurbished to print on t-shirts. and it has clogged nozzles i did took it to Epson and they changed the head and it did cost me a lot , the problem occurred again because of the ink i used i must use this kind of ink because i am printing on t-shirts i cannot use original Epson ink it will wash a way. when i saw your work wit these printer i thought you are the one to help me. i need you to show me how can i clean the printer head manually and also how to clean the waste pads in details, and what is the best cleaner for clogged nozzles. i live in Saudi Arabia by the way .

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