It can’t clean if the cleaner is dirty

Its not cleaning

This is the part of an epson printer that is supposed to clean the bottom of the print head where the injet nozzles are, how do you expect it to clean the print head if its this clogged up with ink and other debris.the best way to clean this up is use some print head cleaning solution on a paper towel or tissue, making sure to clean carefully. If in doubt please contact a printer engineer.

As a note if a epson printer is in this kind of condition it way be worth your while getting the printer serviced as it may well be reaching the head cleaning counter limit and filling its waste ink pads.

  • Munerah

    Hello Miracle Man, :)

    i loved the miracles you have done to these printers, i have an Epson Stylus Photo R1900 which was refurbished to print on t-shirts. and it has clogged nozzles i did took it to Epson and they changed the head and it did cost me a lot , the problem occurred again because of the ink i used i must use this kind of ink because i am printing on t-shirts i cannot use original Epson ink it will wash a way. when i saw your work wit these printer i thought you are the one to help me. i need you to show me how can i clean the printer head manually and also how to clean the waste pads in details, and what is the best cleaner for clogged nozzles. i live in Saudi Arabia by the way .