An Epson C42 Service

This was a quick epson C42 service as requested by a customer, (duno why its just as cheap to buy a new one).

Anyway we start by taking the case off, 7 clips 10 seconds. then removed the paper feed tray to gain access to the waste pads, next is the front head guide, the 3 small rollers and the removable front cog, all the plastic parts are cleaned with water and dried, and the metal head guide is cleaned with a cloth and regreased. The head cleaning assembley is also removed dismattled, cleaned with water, reassembled and refitted along with all the other parts.

The last part of the operation is the cleaning of the outer case which takes a little more cleaning with some detergent or other cleaning solution, its then clip back on to the printer.

Now the printer goes through a head cleaning cycle to make sure the ink is flowing and a nozzle check to test the printer before its ready to go back to the customer.