A poorly DX3850 Fixed :)

A poorly DX3850 Fixed :)

extracted hairs off dx3850

This is an Epson DX3850 printer that’s in need of a major service, as you can see the ink head wiper blade is encrusted in sticky ink and hair, wasn’t sure what hair but the next photo gives you a clue.


DX3850 trapped dog tag

This dog tag was extracted from underneath the paper rollers which nearly broke them.

Extracted Dog tag

The printer had a full service and after a couple of head cleans it sprange into life and printed a nice clean nozzle check

The DX3850 nozzle check

Overheating PC’s

Overheating PC’s
This PC came into the shop today and was reported to be crashing all the time, maybe has viruses. so I did as I do to every PC or laptop that comes into the shop I took the side off and checked for dust lol. It really should be the first thing a computer engineer looks for as this is a basic thing that can stop your PC / Laptop working correctly and can even kill the CPU.

This dust settled onto the blades of the heatsink to form a think lint stickly mat, which was nearlt total blocking the heatsink, causing the CPU to overheat and crash the computer.

A Simple clean up operation leaving the heatsink in good condition and able to cool the CPU again.

Now the PC can work to its max without crashing :)