A broken epson R2100 A3 photo printer

A broken epson R2100 A3 photo printer

Can I work miracles, we will see tomorrow!


And the customer says “I have only every used original epson ink” Hmmm (just because they are recycled epson cartridges doesn’t mean they are filled with epson ink, probably just water and pigment, not oil base ink, for a guess). This printer was purchased second-hand from eBay and the customer told me it has never really worked properly since they got it, and the next photo shows why. The ink waste pipe has disconnected its self and the filter pad is bone dry, which would suggest that the ink hasn’t flowed though the head for a long time.


Anyway I had to strip it down to get to the bottom of the printer, super glued the pipe together. (hope it holds, will find out tomorrow if it has worked) the head is on soak in a head cleaning solution. As a note when I inspected the waste ink pads, I could see that the printer has hardly been used.

What a waste!