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Recently we have tried to purchase a Sony Playstation Pro from ASDA online, we ordered it on Monday 30th January 2017. The order was confirmed and the funds disappeared out of the bank as expected, we were looking forward to collecting the Playstation from our local ASDA store at 11 am in the morning as ordered.

The morning came and first thing we received a phone call from the local ADSA store, explaining that they were going to have to cancel the order as they didn’t have the stock saying that another local store would probably have a Playstation Pro in stock, we found this irritating as our funds were now less £350.

We later called the local ASDA store to try and find out how long before we got a refund, We then found out that ASDA didn’t take the money it was just earmarked for collection from the bank and suggest we contact the bank to find out how long this would take. we were told that the funds would be returned 24hours after ASDA failed to claim the funds. 🙁

We email ASDA customer services and we got an excuse and a half-hearted apology.

Email response below

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your recent order.

I am sorry if your order was rejected and as a result, your funds have gone into a holding status. I can appreciate how frustrating this is. Here in Asda, it is not our intention to take the money of our customers unless you got the order.

Holding status means that the funds have been put to one side by your bank waiting for us to collect them. As the order has been cancelled, we will not collect the funds, and they will go back into your available funds in your bank. This process depends on who you bank with.

It is best to contact your bank to confirm when will the funds appear in your account.

If there is anything else that I can assist you with, please keep in touch.

They just told us what we already knew.

At the end of the day, ASDA shouldn’t have confirmed an order they could not deliver on.

It ended up taking 9 days for the fund to reappear in the bank. I know ASDA didn’t take any money and are not responsible for how long the process took, but they were the ones that locked the funds.

We won’t we ordering from ASDA online again

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