Securing WordPress

I have used WordPress for many years and have experienced various problems with bots and undesirable users trying to spam my sites. I use various methods to stop them.

Disable XML-PRC

The first thing you should do is to disable XML-RPC

XML-RPC is a remote connection protocol for letting external application communicate with WordPress. The only problem is that is used to exploit WordPress

There are multiple ways to disable XML-RPC

Of course, my favourite way is to disable it manually by adding a small amount of code to your .htaccess file in the root directory of your WordPress installation. Code Below:

The Code

<FilesMatch "wp-login\.php|xmlrpc\.php">
  Order allow,deny
  Deny from all

Via a Plugin

The other way is to add a plugin to disable XML-RPC and its called funnily enough – Disable XML-RPC available on the WordPress Repository.

Change the default Admin URL

By default, the WordPress Admin Url is By making this simple change, it stops most bots from trying to log into your website and making accounts for your website, most useful for community websites.

I haven’t found a simple method of achieving this with a piece of code so I will recommend a plugin for this part. WPS Hide login will hide your WordPress wp-admin for logged out users, once logged in you still access /wp-admin/ in the normal way.

Limiting login attempts

Limiting login attempts has two benefits, one it stops bots cycling through lots of passwords one after another thus reducing the load on your webserver and stopping your website from slowing down.

Again this is achieved with the use of a plugin I would recommend Limit Login Attempts Reloaded from the WordPress Repository. It limit’s the number of retries temporarily banning users for repeated incorrect logins, slowing the bots down.

Making use of Cloudflare

Using Cloudflare has many benefits including the security of your WordPress installation.

You can use it for free too. So its a bit of a no brainer really.

I may get around to doing some Cloudflare tutorial so watch this space 🙂

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