Computer Repair and Service

Do You need a Computer Repair Service for your PC / Laptop?

I  Provide a computer repair service for Lincoln and surrounding areas.

  • Service computer equipment
  • Repair computers and laptops, including laptop screen replacement.
  • Recover lost data on your HDD Hard Disk Drive.
  • Virus Removal and OS reinstall for Windows (licence required), Linux and MAC OS.
  • Computer / Laptop upgrades, i.e more ram, bigger Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s) Faster Hard drives (SSD) better Graphics Cards (GPU) and other upgrades.

All from around the Lincoln area (can travel further but will obviously cost more.

If you are a Large Company you will probably have your own dedicated staff to solve your IT problems, PC’s / laptop’s, printer and network issues. If you haven’t or you don’t, then get in touch.

I can help with most aspects of IT and IT problems. Most businesses don’t bother with there IT until it’s too late and it stops working. Why not have your pc / laptops serviced, hardware and software. Imagine the time wasted because you can do want you to want because it’s slowing down or broken.

By servicing your equipment will make you more productive, simply because the equipment is working like new again, (remember those days!)

If you need advice or need a repair, feel free to get in touch.