Tip and Tricks


Tips and Tricks

I have been using WordPress for my website for over 15 years so have gained a lot of experience using the CMS (Content Management System) and have learned many WordPress tip and tricks

I have had to do a lot of research to find out how to accomplish the things I want WordPress to do, getting it to run faster and to try and make my life easier.

So I have decided to start sharing my experiences with visitors to my website and whoever finds it through google etc :)

My WordPress Security

A standard WordPress installation can be quite vulnerable, often targeted by bots attempting to post spam or gain unauthorized access, which can significantly slow down content delivery. To fortify my sites, particularly when I’m the sole user logging in, I…

wordpress plugin code image

Why make a WordPress Plugin

When adding functionality to your WordPress website you would usually add a pre-made plugin, usually for the WordPress Repository if you can find what you need. You may find a piece of code you want to add to your sites…

Allow Shortcodes in Category Descriptions

Adding functionality to your WordPress theme is a breeze! Simply insert the necessary code into your theme’s functions.php file, and you’re all set to enhance your website’s capabilities. Whether you’re looking to add custom features or fine-tune existing ones, this…

How to Force https on WordPress

To force https: on a WordPress Website without a plugin, you can add the code below to the top of your current .htaccess file. I would do this when you first install your WordPress site to avoid the mixed content…