Tip and Tricks


Tips and Tricks

I have been using WordPress for my website for over [show-years-since ysdate="01/03/2009"] years so have gained a lot of experience using the CMS (Content Management System) and have learned many WordPress tip and tricks

I have had to do a lot of research to find out how to accomplish the things I want WordPress to do, getting it to run faster and to try and make my life easier.

So I have decided to start sharing my experiences with visitors to my website and whoever finds it through google etc :)

Why make a WordPress Plugin

When adding functionality to your WordPress website you would usually add a pre-made plugin, usually for the WordPress Repository if you can find what you need. You may find a piece of code you want to add to your sites…

How to Force https on WordPress

To force https: on a WordPress Website without a plugin, you can add the code below to the top of your current .htaccess file. I would do this when you first install your WordPress site to avoid the mixed content…

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