Mark N Hewitt

Mark N Hewitt

NextCloud Darkmode

Nextcloud Browser Image

There are a few ways to enable dark mode on Nextcloud, depending on your preferences and the version of Nextcloud you are using. Here are some possible options: I hope this helps you to enable dark mode on Nextcloud. If…

MOU Youtube Video Intro

Youtube MOU Intro video placeholder image

This is the new video Intro I made for the band (Minister of Ukes) I’m involved in, The 3d MOU logo and animation were created with Blender. I used Devinchi Resolve to add the audio to the video.

Blocksy, My Search is Over

Blocksy Theme Featured Image

I have used WordPress for many, many years I have been looking at the Theme repository on a weekly basis and always felt let down. I did on occasion find something nice that I sort of liked, but there have…

Nextcloud Passwords

Nextcloud passwords share animation

I have tried Nextcloud Passwords a couple of times in the past, but I didn’t really feel that it offered the same polish as the LastPass apps that I have been using for the last 4 – 5 years. I…

Adding Social Icons to Blocksy

Blocksy Theme custom icon image

I wanted to include a social media icon for the Blocksy Theme Customizer. I contacted the theme creators to request Messenger as one of the available social icons, and they had already implemented a New Filter for that purpose the…

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