How to do ESR NHS E-Learning at Home

Many health professionals are experiencing difficulties completing their NHS E-learning at home. You have your login and passwords, which work, you can see all your details and the courses you need to complete. But when you try to do the individual courses the computer says “NO” most of the time and fails.

This is because you, are using the wrong browser with the wrong settings.

You need to make sure you’re using Internet Explorer version 11, not Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. They all have Java Disabled and won’t work. (not without a lot of add-ons or messing around)

Open Internet Explorer by clicking on the ie icon if you can find it, or in the search box next to the Start Menu icon, type ie and then click the Internet Explorer link.

Once open you want to make sure Active X is enabled and working. Click the Tools icon ⚙ top right, or press (ALT + x) on the keyboard, then click internet options until you see the internet option box open.

Select the Security Tab then I would first add to the Trusted Sites so we don’t have to lower any security setting for all sites. Then you should drag the security slider down to low, then click apply.

We now need to download java via Internet explorer to make sure we have the correct version. so visit Click on download and on the next page click Agree and Start Free Download, then click on Run to install.

Once Java is installed exit and restart Internet Explorer. You should now be able to log into the ESR NHS Website and complete all the training as necessary.

YouTube Video below to help you out.

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